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Results for 
Thursday 25th May 
Saturday 27th May 2017

Results for Thursday 25th May 2017
66 players teed off in perfect Bermagui conditions for a Stableford competition where some excellent scores were recorded. 
The A grade winner today was Bob Paine (hcp 7) with 38 points. Runner up was Rob Cox (hcp 12) on 37 and Bobbie Finch
 (hcp 14) third on 36. 
Robert Bunnett (hcp 17) had a clear win in B grade with 39 points. Next was Rodney Ashton (hcp 17) scoring 35 points to just shade Nick Stolk (hcp 20) on 34.
Bill Tyson (hcp 23) was the talk of the day storming
 (some say strutting) home with a ginormous 48 points to win C grade. Ian Reid (hcp 29) had a not too shabby 39 points for runner up and Jochen Adam (hcp 24) had 37 for third.
NTP’s 6th Derek Quinto, 8th Ken Van Epen, 11th Ian White and 15th Bill (Birdie) Tyson.

Results for Saturday 27th May 2017
60 players teed off in a 4 ball Ambrose competition as a pre runner to the Men’s Golf AGM. 
The winning team came home with a net 54.25 off their combined handicap of 3.75. The team comprised Paul Batten, Nathan Batten, Rob Cox and Phill Christiansen. 
Runner up went to the team of Sean Lingard, Guy Lingard, Greg Boyle and Arthur Worthley who had a combined handicap of 9.62 scoring 56.38 net.
NTP’s 6th Brendan Matters, 8th Wayne Burke, 11th Phill Christiansen and 15th Bob Shearing.

Club News
• Thursday 1st June will be a 2 man aggregate
 (both scores added).
• Third and final round of our Club Championships on Saturday 3rd June together with the June Monthly Medal event.
• The winner of our Monday 9 hole Chook Run this week was Santiago Valle.  
For competition bookings please phone Chris Hearn at our Pro Shop on 6493 4657.

Committee Members 

President: Ron Lye: 02 6493 5425
Vice President: Wayne Burke: 02 6493 4730
Captain: Ray Stephens: 02 6493 4853
Vice-Captain: Derek Quinto: 02 6493 6456
Secretary: Greg Cummins: 02 6493 3536
Treasurer: Derek Nash: 02 6493 3508


Bob Shearing: 02 6493 5557
John Medelis: 0423 200 250
Lindsay Sharp: 02 6493 5319

Men’s Bowls

Men’s bowls are every Wednesday and Saturday. Names must be in by 12:00 pm for a 12:30 pm start. 
We also have Sunday social mixed bowls every Sunday morning. Names must be in by 9:30 am for a 10:00 am start. Everyone is welcome to join in for a social game of bowls.
Office Bearers

President: Graham Davies: 02 6493 4395
Secretary: Gerry Hammerton: 02 6493 5909
Treasurer: John Lazzaro: 02 6493 3483
Senior Vice President: Hilton Sutton: 02 6493 4140


Paul Rumble: 02 6493 4868
Neville Fogwell: 02 6493 3483
Dave Richard: Preston
Kevin Ballard: 02 6493 5271

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